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This is a reminder that registration for the 2023 session is now closed. See you in person soon!


January 23, 2023

Dear Nakayoshi Gakko Families,

Please find information for the 2023 Summer Session below. The session will run for ten days, starting Monday, June 19, 2023 through Friday, June 30, 2023 and held at the Mountain View Buddhist Temple, located at 575 North Shoreline Blvd in Mountain View, CA.  

Nakayoshi Gakko is an independent, non-profit, parent-cooperative school for children entering grades 1 through 8 in Fall 2023. As a parent co-op, parent participation is crucial. We greatly appreciate and rely upon the time and energy of our parents in order to make our program run efficiently and to create an exceptional experience for the children. Parents are required to fulfill various volunteer commitments. These are outlined in the Parent Commitment Requirements Section of this letter. We ask you to please read this section carefully because each family will be expected to fulfill these responsibilities. If there are additional ways you are able to contribute, we invite you to e-mail us at

All students must have their on-line registration completed, their registration payment form (Nakayoshi Gakko Registration Payment Form) submitted for their family, and tuition payment received by no later than February 28, 2023.  Family and student information will only be accepted via the on-line registration system.

Fees must be paid via Paypal sent to TREASURERNAKAYOSHIGAKKO@GMAIL.COM. Please contact the Treasurer (TREASURERNAKAYOSHIGAKKO@GMAIL.COM) if you require an alternative method of payment.

All on-line registrations and payments received after February 28, 2023 will be given less priority.

The Nakayoshi Gakko Board and school committees work hard to create a meaningful and fun summer program for our children. We look forward to meeting our new families and welcoming back our returning families for another memorable two weeks at Nakayoshi Gakko. Please contact us with questions. Updates of personal information can be made on-line through the customer portal provided on our website at:


Nakayoshi Gakko Board of Directors

Key important dates and information


Date or Cost

Past Board Member Student Registration Start Date

February 1

Returning Students (from Prior Year) Registration Start Date

February 8

New Student Registration Start Date

February 15

Registration Payment Form and Payment Due Date

February 28

Committee and Maintenance Sign Ups Begin for Past Board Members

April 1

Committee and Maintenance Sign Ups Begin for New and Returning Students

April 8

Committee and Maintenance Sign Ups End

  • Any families who have failed to sign up for these volunteer requirements by this date, will have them assigned by the registrars

April 15

Cancellation Date

  • Tuition is refundable less a $50 processing fee until this date

  • Tuition is not refundable after this date

April 15

Parent Orientation Date

Tuesday, May 2, 7:00 PM

Maintenance I Date and Time

Saturday, June 17

9:00 AM-12:00 Noon

Session Start Date

Monday, June 19

Session End Date

Friday, June 30

Maintenance II Date and Time

Saturday, July 1

9:00 AM-12:00 Noon

Mountain View Buddhist Temple Obon Date

Saturday, July 15

Session Cost


Nakayoshi Gakko Registration Information

Registration Link:

  • Links to the registration page will be posted on the Nakayoshi Gakko webpage when the registration period starts.

  • Returning families from the 2022 session will be e-mailed to inform them when their JackRabbit accounts have been unlocked for registration.  These e-mails will be sent out based on enrollment priorities (see the dates outlined above).  

  • If a returning family did not register during the 2022 session, they must contact the registrars to request that their account be unlocked as this will not automatically be done.

  • Families will receive an enrollment confirmation email by the end of March.


All parents are required to attend the Parents’ Orientation Meeting on Tuesday, May 2, 2023, at 7:00PM. During this meeting, we will confirm family commitments, review school policies, etc. There will also be a parent meeting or breakout session for families assisting with various projects. Details will be announced as we get closer to the date.

Dates & Time:

June 19 – June 30, 2023

8:30 AM - 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday 


Mountain View Buddhist Temple (MVBT)

575 N. Shoreline Boulevard, Mountain View, CA


Alisa Nishimoto and Cindy Nakasuji at


$500 per child for the two week session. Optional donation of any amount is appreciated.


Cancellations made and confirmed by the Registrar(s):

  • On or before April 15th will receive a refund less a $50 processing fee

  • After April 15th are not refundable


Enrollment priority is given in the following order if the on-line application is completed and payment is received before February 28.

  1. Children of current board members

  2. Children of NG Teachers

  3. Children of past board members

  4. Returning students from the 2022 session

  5. Siblings of returning students from the 2022 session

  6. Mountain View Buddhist Temple members’ children

  7. Mountain View Buddhist Temple Dharma School students

  8. New students who do not qualify for the priorities above (Lottery)

Class Assignments:

Class assignments will be made by Registrars based on the grade of the child in Fall 2023 as indicated in the on-line registration system. For your information, the classes and grades are listed below:

1st grade: Panda 2nd grade: Saru 3rd grade: Kuma 4th grade: Zou

5th grade: Kirin 6th grade: Tora 7th grade: Ryu 8th grade: Tsuru

Parent Commitment Requirements

As a parent-cooperative school, Nakayoshi Gakko relies exclusively on its parent volunteers to support the various school programs and curriculum. Parents are required to assist in four main areas:

(I) Classroom work,

(II) Committee support,

(III) Pre or Post-session maintenance

(IV) MVBT Obon and Bazaar support.

Inability to fulfill these requirements adversely affects the program and ultimately the students.

Families will be e-mailed links to sign ups for items I, II, III, and IV based on their enrollment priorities. Sign ups will be done using

If a family fails to fulfill their commitments, a monetary penalty will be assessed, the enrollment priority of the family’s returning child(ren) will be lost, and the family will be locked out of the registration system until all penalties are paid. When registration priority is lost, the child(ren) will be considered with the general pool of first-time applicants during the stack ranking process.

The monetary penalties for failing to meet volunteer commitments are as follows :

• Classroom work = $400

• Committee support = $150

• Pre or Post-Session Maintenance = $150

• MVBT Obon and Bazaar Support = $125

I. Classroom Work: Parents assist in the classroom one day per family. Work hours are from 8:15 AM to 3:45 PM. On the assigned day, parents may be asked to help teachers prepare class projects, prepare and distribute afternoon snacks, supervise children during snack and lunchtime and to clean up the classroom and other areas. You must be able to serve the whole shift for classroom work. Late arrival or early departure for your duties will adversely affect the children and classroom safety. Please indicate during the on-line sign up which day you are able to work and for which class.

II. Committee Support: Each family serves on one committee. Please indicate during the on-line sign up your preference for committees.

• Arts & Crafts Preparation: Prepares materials for classroom projects and special events. Duties may include cutting paper, gluing, woodworking, sewing, etc. Materials are distributed prior to the session starting (generally at parent orientation,) and projects will need to be returned in the morning on the first day of class. Occasionally, projects may need attention during the session, and these will require overnight turnaround.

• Open House (Friday, June 30): Assists in the preparation and execution of Open House. Duties may include pick-up and distribution of obento dinners; set-up and take down of tables, chairs, creation of classroom work display boards; and miscellaneous tasks needed to put on the Open House presentation. Bring dessert to share.

• Publications: Assist with school newsletter production by observing school activities and writing brief articles; take digital photographs of classes and activities; layout and photocopy. Putting together the photos for a slide show at the Open House.

• Fundraising: Support fundraising activities such as restaurant dinners. Limited to Nakayoshi Gakko Treasurers.

III. Maintenance: A family member works one maintenance day. Please indicate during the on-line sign up your preference for Maintenance day.

• Maintenance I: Open School (Saturday, June 17, 9:00 AM-12:00 Noon) Clean classrooms, set up office supplies, restrooms, kitchen, gym, set-up tables and chairs.

• Maintenance II: Close School (Saturday, July 1, 9:00 AM-12:00 Noon) Clean classrooms, restrooms, kitchen, gym, put away tables and chairs; pack up office supplies.

IV. MVBT Obon and Bazaar: Work shift to represent Nakayoshi Gakko in the Obon bingo booth on Saturday, July 15, 2023. Sign-ups will be available by the end of the first week of Nakayoshi Gakko session.

All parents are required to attend the Parents’ Orientation Meeting on Tuesday, May 2, 2023, 7:00 PM-9:00 PM. During this meeting, we will confirm family commitments, distribute the school t-shirts, review school policies, etc. There will also be a brief committee meeting.